The Little Bookstore in Big Stone Gap

by Wendy Welch

I don't know how I discovered this book but the title was irresistible. 'Big Stone Gap' is the title of a book I enjoyed by Adriana Trigliani and, indeed, this is the town in which she lives and where the bookshop is situated - they have a table dedicated to her books.

Any lover of books and bookshops will be completely charmed by this book. The author has an American's wry humour while displaying a passion for books, for bookshops and for people.

Having worked in a bookshop, I know how tough it is dealing with very different personalities and their particular requests, and the response from the author and her husband to the particular needs of their customers was a real challenge, and encouragement. The future of the bookshop, she argues, is in its staff being a part of the community, being the church, the drop-in centre, the refuge, the place to find the listening ear.

But this is not a worthy tome. It is an amusing, fascinating account of starting a business, following your heart, living your passion and building lasting and loving relationships. It's a wonderful book which I want to send to all my friends, and to pick up again and again - and it includes a reading list too!

Review date: January 2013
The Little Bookstore in Big Stone Gap by Wendy Welch