Recommended age: Young Adult


by Sarah Crossan

Tippi and Grace are typical 16-year-olds, except for one thing. They are twins, joined together at the middle.

While they face stares and insults, they are happy as they are - they've chosen not to have dangerous separation surgery.

But with life changing all around them, they realise that their body is no longer supporting them and they may have to face the inevitable.

This is an astonishing book. It's written in free verse and is just stunning. So much is conveyed in so few, well chosen words.

We learn about the impact of a father's alcoholism, parents' redundancies, anorexia, living with HIV, wanting to 'fit in' and coping with being different. There's hope, loss, love and sacrifice.

So quick and easy to read, but so powerful and thought-provoking. Perfect for a book group discussion and for young people who love a good story but struggle with the extent of a novel. Brilliant.

Review date: October 2017
One by Sarah Crossan