Introducing Renee Knight

Thursday 9th July 2015, 7.30pm

What would you do if you realised the book you were reading was all about you?

With comparisons to ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘The Girl on the Train’, Renée Knight has enjoyed a great reception for this her first published novel.

And tonight's event certainly captured the imagination of Woodbridge readers with a packed bookshop for this meeting with the author.

A short reading gave us a tantalising introduction to the novel before Renée chatted about her career in tv (starting out as a secretary to the great Joan Bakewell), writing in her garden shed (which is much more than a shed, painted in white with its own veranda) and her visits to Suffolk. She explained that a plotline in a failed first novel gave her the idea for 'Disclaimer' as she had written about an incident in her childhood, and suddenly worried how a friend mentioned in it might react to the story. Renée was able to develop the concept through her attendance at the Faber Masterclass writing school.

With all the attention and success for 'Disclaimer' Renée talked about the response of family and friends and the treats of a nice holiday and new shoes. She has completed the screenplay of the book for a film commissioned by Fox Searchlight and is ready to work on her next novel, which she says will be dark...!

After a lively question time, everyone was handed a copy of the book (purchased within the £12 ticket price) and queued for a personal inscription from the author.

They were all keen to attend a special Browsers Book Group meeting to discuss 'Disclaimer' when they had all read it. And we hope Renée will visit us in the bookshop every time she returns to Suffolk.




Publicity achieved:

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