Enthused and inspired by working on my own website, I have continued to collaborate with a colleague on devising websites for a few select clients, as CG web design.

Contributing our respective expertise to each project, our aim is to provide clear, attractive, well-written, intuitive websites which are easy to use, both for the visitor and the content editors.

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Deben Rowing Club is active on the River Deben at Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK. It has fine facilities on the bank of this attractive east coast tidal estuary, and offers facilities and activities throughout the year.

The website was commissioned to provide an attractive and user-friendly public display of the club and also has a growing members-only section to support the club's activities.

The site is built with Backdrop CMS and makes extensive use of Backdrop's inbuilt facilities of Layouts and Views to provide attractive page layouts, using a modified version of the Bartik theme. A variety of contributed modules are used to add features, including 'Colorbox' for photo albums and 'Views Send' for bulk emailing to club members.

Clent: Deben Rowing Club, Woodbridge
Domain name: www.debenrowingclub.co.uk
Published: January 2016

'Browsers' is a well-regarded independent bookshop in the small town of Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK.

The website provides a showcase for books of interest to customers, including reviews and a report from Browsers' monthly book group.

There are also announcements of forthcoming events such as interviews with authors, and reports of all previous events. It does not yet provide online sales.

The site uses Backdrop CMS, with a modified version of its theme Bartik, and makes extensive use of the Views module to present information in an attractive and user-friendly style.

Clent: Browsers Bookshop, Woodbridge
Domain name: www.browsersbookshop.com
Published: April 2015