As a freelance journalist, writer, editor and presenter, I have enjoyed many years meeting and interviewing fascinating people, and visiting wonderful locations worldwide.

I regularly conduct on-stage interviews with authors and personalities at festivals and events, and for more than 10 years co-hosted a monthly on air book club with Lesley Dolphin at BBC Radio Suffolk.

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In the press

Magazine cover pagesAs a journalist I contribute lifestyle features and profiles for regional and national newspapers and magazines. As the former editor of the leading business journal for the fitness industry in Europe, I regularly contributed articles about the market for a US publication.

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On the radio

For more than 10 years I've co-hosted an on-air book club on BBC Radio Suffolk with Lesley Dolphin. Listen to past book club discussions here.

In addition, my print articles and author interviews often feature as podcasts. You can listen to a recent interview with former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams for Premier Radio here.

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At events

Hosting book launches and talks for festivals and events throughout Suffolk, I regularly interview authors on stage with audiences from 30 to 300. In the past year I have been in conversation with Esther Freud, Salley Vickers, Simon Garfield, Susie Dent, Melissa Harrison and Elly Griffiths.

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Forthcoming events

I am always planning new events but at the moment I have nothing quite ready to announce.

When life gives you lemons

A play has just opened in the West End, quirkily titled 'Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons' (that's five 'lemons'). Starring 'Poldark's Aidan Turner and 'Victoria's Jenna Coleman, it is described as 'a tender and funny rom-com' but it's so much more than an evening's light entertainment.

The premise of the play, written by Sam Steiner, is that a law is proposed, and then passed, where each citizen is limited to speaking only 140 words a day. 

The two characters, Oliver and Bernadette haven't long been a couple. They think they've told each other all the important bits about their lives before the law is passed, but of course things are never that simple. So how do they cope with this limit on their conversation? What are the words they choose to say to each other? What does this limit on communication mean to the balance of power in society? When do you use up your words to avoid dealing with the difficult 'stuff', and when do you just start singing?!

This was just the most amazing tonic. It was lovely to be at a London theatre again for one thing, but it was so refreshing to watch a warm, funny, lively play which also had moments of poignancy and quiet, and which left us all with so much to ponder and discuss.

Very often deep and difficult issues are presented in gritty, dark, angst-driven rants on the stage, I find, which may be creatively formidable but leave me wrung through and despondent. This was exciting, energising and stimulating while also making some interesting and challenging points about communication and power. Go and see it if you can - or buy the book!

Thank you for reading.


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