As a freelance journalist, writer, editor and presenter, I have enjoyed many years meeting and interviewing fascinating people, and visiting wonderful locations worldwide.

I regularly conduct on-stage interviews with authors and personalities at festivals and events, and co-host a monthly on air book club with Lesley Dolphin at BBC Radio Suffolk.

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In the press

Magazine cover pagesAs a journalist I contribute lifestyle features and profiles for regional and national newspapers and magazines. As the former editor of the leading business journal for the fitness industry in Europe, I continue to write about the market for a US publication.

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On the radio

Each month I co-host an on-air book club on BBC Radio Suffolk with Lesley Dolphin, and am regularly invited to contribute comments and features about books, reading and authors across the station.

In addition my print articles and author interviews often feature as podcasts. You can listen to the latest, an interview with former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams for Premier Radio here.

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At events

Hosting book launches and talks for festivals and events throughout Suffolk, I regularly interview authors on stage with audiences from 30 to 300. In the past year I have been in conversation with Victoria Hislop, Simon Mayo, Diane Setterfield, Julia Blackburn, Elly Griffiths and Nicola Upson at events throughout Suffolk.

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Recent articles

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in 'Suffolk', July 2020
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Forthcoming events

I am always planning new events but at the moment I have nothing quite ready to announce.

Something to think about

I thought 'attending' the Hay Festival talks this week might be a mistake and, sure enough, I've got another long list of books I want to read!

Yes, there are the latest books by novelists I'd had my eye on, but there were also some fascinating presentations about our world today.

The future of work, journalism, healthcare, artificial intelligence, politics; these themes and many more were addressed by some engaging and inspiring speakers. (I was particularly taken by Daniel Susskind talking about 'A World Without Work'.)

I doubt I would have sought out these sessions in the normal run of things. The fact that the Hay Festival responded to our current situation by taking their programme online gave me, and thousands of people all over the world, the opportunity to hear some enlightening and stimulating talks, and be introduced to new and exciting thinkers.

There were a few particularly memorable presentations - do look up Polly Samson talking about her novel 'A Theatre for Dreamers', with music from her husband David Gilmour and a poetry reading from her son Charlie Gilmour, all in a make-believe Greek taverna - it's wonderful, a real tonic!

All the talks can be accessed via Hay Player for a one off cost of £10. I urge you to sign up if you haven't done so. I don't think you'll regret it - I'm still buzzing!

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