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August 2018
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New Testament scholar Paula Gooder talks to Catherine Larner about the importance of good theology
July 2018
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Philippa Hanna tells Catherine Larner how finding faith transformed both her life and her music
June 2018
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Former CIA counterterrorism expert Michele Rigby Assad talks about living to fulfil our potential
May 2018
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There's a warm welcome as well as delicious food at The Brompton cafe in London.
March 2018
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Bishop Libby Lane looks back on her appointment three years ago as the first female bishop in the Church of England.
February 2018
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Discovering how local churches are responding to the needs in their communities and bringing people together.
January 2018
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Jeremy Vine talks about the changing face of news, how people communicate and staying positive in a time of uncertainty
November 2017
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The internationally known author, speaker and pastor talks about stepping down as leader of her local church, and sharing her story in her new book.
October 2017
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An accident when she was just 11 left Gracie Wright with a brain injury, but now she's a singer and writer with a passion to help others.
September 2017
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Co-founder and global pastor of the Hillsong Church, Bobbie Houston talks to Catherine Larner about the importance of women's ministry, facing criticism and staying the course.
July 2017
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Ruth Valerio talks about living out her principles, caring for the environment and her new role with Tearfund.
May 2017
After selling their successful business, John and Rosemary Lancaster set about giving all their wealth away.
March 2017
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Enjoying a birdwatching retreat on the beautiful Holy Island, Lindisfarne.
February 2017
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A former magistrate talks about working to change the lives of those in need in her community.
January 2017
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With Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January, Catherine Larner meets two women who travel the world to share real life stories of courage and survival against the odds