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May 2024
Acclaimed writer and critic Olivia Laing's much anticipated book about restoring her Suffolk garden took her on an exhilarating journey of discovery.
August 2023
Author Kate Worsley's new novel is a story of human struggle set against the backdrop of the Land Settlement Association community in Suffolk.
June 2023
Country Life
'If we don't have it, you don't need it': an Aladdin's cave of useful items, the local hardware store is the shop that time forgot, finds Catherine Larner
February 2023
This England
Catherine Larner speaks to garden writer Barbara Segall about her new book on the secret gardens of Kent, Sussex and Surrey.
October 2022
Artist Tessa Newcomb has found just the thing she needed to lift her creative spirit - a garden she can grow and paint.
June 2022
Marriage and moving to Helmingham as a young woman made Xa Tollemache a gardener and then an award-winning designer. Now she tells the story of how she transformed Helmingham's gardens, as well as many others, in a beautiful first book.
January 2022
Anna Greenland is a rising star in the organise grow-your-own firmament, although she admits her life currently is more 'Grand Designs' than 'Gardeners' World'.
September 2021
Country Life
After years of nurturing a great garden, passing on the responsibility to younger custodians is easier if it's kept in the family. Visiting Attadale Gardens, Helmingham Hall and The Manor Hemingford Grey.
June 2021
Why do certain places call to us? Why do we connect to some environments and not others? It's a topic gardening writer Anna Pavord will explore when she visits Suffolk, a county she has come to love.
March 2018
Celebrated novelist Penelope Lively shares a lifetime of writing and gardens.